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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exploring Advertising at Pangkor !

im goin to Pangkor tomorrow... Just wanna let all of u know dat i w'll be not on9 since im busy with all da snorkeling n so on.. huhu.. Please pray 4 my safety because we already change our plan. we call it PLAN B ( Pelan Berdikari ).. haha.. bcause 6 of us including arep, ano, sab, ceebee, adik n bad will go to pangkor by ourself. Firstly we've to meet at buduraya.. uppss, sowi, its typing error. PUDURAYA*.. and take bus to lumut,perok.. waiting 4 ferry, take a ferrytales ferry and take van to our chalet.. since other of them are follow our lcterer at 12am, we will wait for them !! ouh no,. must be the craziest plan eva but why not we try.. huhu...

Pangkor, wait 4 me bebeh !

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